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Policy Priorities

The Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus advocates for policy and legislation that will uplift our Latino and immigrant communities, while also benefitting our state. We believe in achieving equity, fairness, and the advancement of disadvantaged populations, including undocumented community members. Our focus includes making healthcare more accessible, ensuring every student has educational opportunities, protecting and fighting for our workers, and restoring community relations with police. We want to bring the Latino perspective to every conversation so that the voices of thousands of Marylanders are heard. 


Our 2023 Priorities:



HB1098- Multilingualism is an Asset 

HB56- Dual Language Education - Teacher Certification, Program Implementation, and Study

Economic Investment

HB0547- Family Prosperity Act of 2023

Affordable Housing

HB0684- Landlord and Tenant - Residential Leases and Holdover Tenancies - Local Just Cause Termination Provisions

Healthcare Access

HB0588- Access to Care Act

Language Access

HB1144 Equal Access to Public Services for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency

Environmental Justice

HB0473 Air Monitoring 

If you are a bill sponsor or community advocate who would like the Latino Caucus to support a bill, contact our office: latino.caucus@house.state.md.us