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Policy Priorities

The Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus advocates for policy and legislation that will uplift our Latino and immigrant communities, while also benefitting our state. We believe in achieving equity, fairness, and the advancement of disadvantaged populations, including undocumented community members. Our focus includes making healthcare more accessible, ensuring every student has educational opportunities, protecting and fighting for our workers, and restoring community relations with police. We want to bring the Latino perspective to every conversation so that the voices of thousands of Marylanders are heard. 


Our 2021 Priorities:


SB88/HB304: Maryland Trust Act (Sen. Smith/Del. Fisher) - End police cooperation and partnership with ICE and other federal agencies, including 287g programs. Prohibit ICE from entering sensitive locations like schools, courthouses, and hospitals without a warrant.


SB478/HB16: Dignity Not Detention Act (Sen. Smith/Del. Stewart)- Cut off state and local governments’ role operating private immigration detention centers by banning new contracts or renewals of existing contracts with detention facilities (wholly or in part by private corporations). Local entities must phase out existing contracts by 2022.


SB234/HB23: Limiting MVA Data Sharing with ICE (Sen. Lam/Del. Stein)- Require ICE to obtain a warrant in order to access personal information that the MVA gathers about drivers.  


SB317/ HB750 Universal Representation (Sen. Hettleman/Del. Atterbeary)- Establish a right to counsel for all Maryland residents in immigrant detention regardless of where they are detained.


SB85/HB15 Governor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (Sen. Rosapepe/Del. Peña-Melnyk)- Establishes the Governor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs with a Director to assist immigrants in the State, including gathering resources, disseminating critical information, and building a community network.


SB910/HB1312 Emergency COVID Protections for Renters (Sen. Smith/Del. Wilkins) - Provides emergency rental assistance to renters, extends and expands the moratorium on evictions, prohibits late fees, and protect tenants by stopping illegal evictions and landlord harassment.


If you are a bill sponsor or community advocate who would like the Latino Caucus to support a bill, contact our office: latino.caucus@house.state.md.us